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                                                                      SANTA SEVERA

 The locality named S. Severa is very old: it appeares for the first time in the documentation in 939, but in reality exsists on the ruins of the ancient etruscan center-Roman of Pyrgi.  The archeological zone is just out of Santa Severa, near the castle.  Here re-emerged the foundations of the Temple of Leucothea and the ruins of a series of varied buildings. The ancient port was connected to Cerveteri through a large monumental road embellished with numerous structures templares, very often attended by merchants cartagineses like also documents a thin sheet of gold with bilingual dedication dedicated to the goddess Astarte. Such thin sheet and a series of archeological ruins discovered in the area in part are preserved in the National Etruscan Museum in Villa Giulia in Rome, the remaining ruins, instead, are preserved in the Antiquarium near the archeological excavations. The castle is original of one thousand year, even if had immediately a series of successive quite obvious remakes in the triple turn wall: in fact, those one inside were made in 1300, those one intermediate 1500, while those one outside are original of the 1700. The small stronghold, with a village inside, has got a plant with two strong cylindrical towers and other two quadrants. The cylindrical is connected to the main structure just with a simple gangway. In the summer periods, the castle accommodates concerts, shows and different shows.