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What say about Rome....any reference could be too restrictive. The invitation is: come to visit it and you will regret of it! 

A little bit of story .....

 Known universally like the Urbe or the eternal Town, Rome rises on the shores of the river Tevere; original inhabited developed on the hills that face the bend where the of the tiber island rises, unique natural ford of the river. The central and historical unit of the town is constituted from the well-known seven necks: Palatino, Aventino, Campidoglio, Quirinale, Viminale, Esquilino and Celio.  Besides seven historical necks, in the current town different other relieves are included, between whose Monte Mario, the Gianicolo, the Pincio, the Monti Parioli, Monte Sacro and Monte Verde. Not everybody know that Rome is crossed by another river: the Aniene, that meets in the Tevere in the northern zone of the urban territory. 


Founded according to the tradition on the 21th April of 753 b.C., Rome has recovered a fundamental role in Italy and in Europe in the course of its story of almost 3.000 years (the first settlments would go back to the X century b.C.). 


Caput Mundi during the Roman period, that is capital of the World known then, and point of reference political and spiritual of international level until our days, Rome is seat of the papacy (since II century, to be considered beyond that Caput Mundi also Caput Fidei), was capital of the State of the Church (from the VIII century), of the Kingdom of Italy (from 1871), and then became the capital of the Italian Republic (1946). 


Today Rome it is seen like an important and dynamic metropolis, proud of its prestigious past and to the same time tolerant, with a cosmopolitan vocation that it always marked in the arc of its long story. 

 Rome still today, like in past, continues to be a crossroads of ethnicities and different cultures, re-elaborated and in some manner assimilated through a process that could be defined of "romanizzazione"; Rome is besides important destination of current migratories that come from the rest of Italy and foreign countries.