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The Rome-Fiumicino airport "Leonardo DaVinci" is one of two hub Italians airport, together to Milan-Malpensa.

The traffic of 30 millions of passengers in a year it does the first Italian port for comprehensive passengers (2006), while relatively to the international passengers and to the goods is at the second place after Milan Malpensa. 

It has got 4 terminals (TO, AA, B, C) reserved to the national, international and intercontinental flights and of 4 runaways of whom 3 used for the landings: the 16L/34R and the 16R/34L (separated it a from the other of 4.000 m), the 16C/34C parallel to the 16L/34R and one destined to the take-offs, the 07/25.

The airport is operative from 2005 with tracks for instrumental category of precision of landings III B (system ILS). 

In February 2007 the intense activities for a further adaptation are begun concerning the visual helps bright to land, in this manner will be passed from 10 motion present in case of thick fog, to 30. 

  • By car: The airport Leonardo da Vinci is at 34 km from the Rome center and is easily attainable going on the highway A91 Rome-Fiumicino. 

  • Train "Leonardo Espress" not–stop from the railroad station of RomaTermini every 30 min.

  • Train of the regional railroad (Line FR1) Orte–Fiumicino Airport or Fara Sabina–Fiumicino Airport.