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For its attractive castle and for the homonymous lake and for its special beauty, Bracciano is a good place for trips and vacations.  The visit of the city can begin from the central Piazza Primo Maggio 1945 (old "piazza del Ponte"), from where begin 5 roads. Following Via Principe di Napoli you arrive to Piazza IV Novembre, closed to the traffic, on which rise a fountain and the monument to the falls, and the town palace. Taking again Via Principe di Napoli you arrive to the small church of S. Lucia degli Agricoltori, annexed to the cloister of the cappuccinos (1700); inside is taken care of a cloth representing the Virgin between S. Lucia and S. Francesco, on the background there’s a sight of the castle and of the suburb in the century XVIII. From Piazza Primo Maggio 1945, opposite to Via Principe di Napoli, begins Via Umberto I where on the left going up you can see the church of S. Maria Novella (style slow–baroque) and immediately by the side the Chiostro degli Agostiniani, where there’s the Civic Museum (where are preserved numerous archeological ruins, witness of the civility peasant and above all the wonderful sculpture of Cristoforo Stati, Adone e Venere. XVII century). Going along the road you arrive at Piazza Mazzini dominated by the imposing volume of the Castello Orsini Odescalchi. The entrance to the castle is in the end of the square, by the side of the ticket office. Entering the castle you can have a remarkable blow of eye on all the lake, given the exceptional position of the building. Yoy can visit the castle with a guide, and admire numerous furnishings of the period, reinforcement, arms, and different works of art; Particularly there are a lot of different frescos and ornaments of Antoniazzo Romano, two busts, Paolo Giordano Orsini and Isabella De' Medici, by Bernini and a series of archeological etruscan ruins come from the excavations of Caere Vetus and from Alsium. The guided visit is completed from the turn of the towers, from the incomparable view. Returned on Piazza Mazzini we can continue inside of the medieval suburb going up until the cathedral of S. Stefano in baroque.  Always from Piazza Primo Maggio 1945 a road goes down until the lake.